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Academy of International Business

This special issue of AIB Insights focuses on the responsibilities of educators in international business.

It includes “Global Citizenship and Business Education” by José de la Torre and Corinne Young; “Conceptualizing the Responsible Learning Framework for International Business Faculty Development” by Jörg Hruby, Cyntia Vilasboas Calixto, and Umesh Mukhi; “Changes in Globalization: How Should IB Education Respond?” by Nancy Buchan, Elizabeth Ravlin, and Orgul Ozturk; “The Renewed Relevancy of High-Impact Practices” by Astrid Schmidt-King; “Preparing Students for the ‘Next’ Global” by David Berg; and “Bringing the Dark Side of International Business into the Classroom” by Donna Cooke, Frank DuBois, Rajeev Sawant, David Sprott, Len Treviño.