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Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is composed of Elected Officers (president, vice-president and treasurer and the immediate past-president), an appointed Secretary (a representative of the Secretariat), representatives from the ten founding member institutions, and the chairs of the standing committees.

The CUIBE Governance Committee

President: David Sprott, Washington State University

Vice-President: Ana Bolino, University of Oklahoma

Treasurer: Tom J. Cosse, University of Richmond

Immediate Past President: Mark J. Ballam, San Diego State University

Secretariat: University of Missouri–St. Louis

Chair, Membership Committee: Frank DuBois, American University

Chair, Program Committee: Allan Bird, Northeastern University

Chair, International Experiences Committee: Ana Bolino, University of Oklahoma

Chair, Marketing/Communications Committee: Joe Rottman, Univ. of Missouri-St. Louis

Founding Members:

Florida International University

George Washington University

Northeastern University

San Diego State University

Temple University

University of Hawaii- Manoa

University of Missouri-St. Louis

University of Oklahoma

University of South Carolina

Washington State University

The CUIBE Governance Committee Event

< strong> David Sprott, President< strong>

Washington State University

The President is in charge of the CUIBE operations, developing strategic initiatives that meet future objectives, aligning tactical operations of CUIBE and its member schools, and leading its implementation efforts.

< strong> Ana Bolino, Vice President< strong>

University of Oklahoma

The Vice President is in charge of the day-to-day CUIBE operations, including annual meeting management and coordination; information technology planning and initiatives; chapters support and operations; support for CUIBE Governance Committee; management, printing and production of CUIBE publications; advertising and public relations.