The Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE) holds its annual meetings in one of our member schools. Every meeting showcases a theme that supports the growth of International Business Education.

To host a CUIBE meeting on your campus, please complete the application below.

Request for Proposals to Host a CUIBE Meeting:

The Consortium of Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE) is an association of internationally recognized international business programs that strives to promote, enhance, and innovate the way international business is taught to undergraduates. Through research, publications, and meetings, CUIBE disseminates its wealth of knowledge among member schools as well as to the broader academic community. CUIBE meetings enhance and support universities’ capabilities in the development and delivery of educational programs that will develop the appropriate skills and knowledge in graduates to enable them to function effectively in global business.

Benefits to Hosting a CUIBE Meeting:

There are several benefits to hosting a CUIBE Meeting. The host school benefits from the recognition that comes as a result of academic professionals visiting and learning from an institution’s achievements. This recognition creates increased visibility that strengthens relationships with visiting members. Additionally, the host school has the opportunity to improve current programs or launch new initiatives with the expertise of attendees.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated on a range of factors including, but not limited to:

  •   The strength of the program or theme for the meeting

  •   The attractiveness, reputation, and marketability of the surrounding community

  •   The adequacy of the proposed meeting location to be used to showcase projects

    or companies that represent state-of-the-art development in the arena of

    international business

  •   Geographic diversity

    Administrative Requirements:

    In accordance with the CUIBE Charter, the Program Committee is charged with: planning the program to accomplish the mission and objectives of CUIBE; overseeing local arrangements and receiving and reporting nominees for the CUIBE award at the Governance Meeting. The Program Committee will include the Program Committee Chair, the immediate past Program Committee Chair and the Vice President. A representative from the upcoming meeting’s host school will be named Program Committee Chair and will assume primary responsibility for host school activities including identifying the meeting venue; handling the logistics; setting the meeting program and providing on-site staff support during the meeting. The host school will work closely with the CUIBE President and Secretariat.

Meeting Program:

The host school will select the location of the meeting and assume responsibility for the conference program. These duties include selecting the conference theme; managing content; arranging guest speakers and general program organization. The CUIBE President will be responsible for the agenda. Traditionally the Program Committee will include a social event showcasing the host institution, local culture and attractions.

The CUIBE Annual Meeting will be attended by Full and Associate Members, prospective members and invited guests. The meetings are usually held in the first half of each calendar year. CUIBE will reimburse the host school up to $12,000 towards expenses incurred as a result of hosting the Annual Meeting.

The CUIBE Governance Meeting will be attended by Elected Officers (president, vice- president, treasurer and the immediate past-president); a representative of the Secretariat; the representatives of the ten founding member institutions; the chairs of the standing committees; and any representative from Full Member schools who wish to attend. The meetings are traditionally held in the second half of each calendar year. CUIBE will reimburse the host school up to $6,000 towards expenses incurred as a result of hosting the Governance Meeting.

Submission Instructions and Deadline

Member schools seeking to host the meeting should prepare a presentation to the Governance Committee indicating their plans for hosting the meeting. Separate proposals must be submitted for each conference.

Proposals must include:

  •   A letter acknowledging and agreeing to undertake the actions and

    responsibilities of a host school detailed in this document and CUIBE Charter.

  •   The school’s representative who will serve as program chair for the meeting.

  •   Preferred and alternative dates.

  •   The lodging details and proposed group activities.

  •   Additional conference fees, if applicable.

  •   A response to the Evaluation Criteria listed above.

  •   Any other materials that would support and reinforce the school’s competitive

    position in the selection process.
    Proposals are evaluated as they come in, on a bi-annual basis during the Governance Committee Meetings.
    To submit a proposal or receive additional information, please contact:

  • William (Bill) Newburry, CUIBE President (

  • Renita Miller, CUIBE Secretariat (

  • Joseph Rottman, CUIBE Secretariat (

We look forward to seeing your campus!